Mothers Praying across Europe

Lamentations 2:19

Arise, cry out in the night, as the watches of the night begin; pour out your heart like water in the presence of the Lord. Lift up your hands to him for the lives of your children, who faint from hunger at every street corner.

I recently came across a ministry for praying mothers called Moms in Prayer International. Thousands of mothers across Europe meet in small groups to pray specifically for their children and school for one hour each week during term time.

Praying mothers growing in faith and discipleship can positively impact schools, families and society.

The mothers are taught through online resources, through trained ‘contact persons’ and the offer of simple Skype training. The vision is that every school would be prayed for. Not only our children need prayer, so do the teachers and staff, many are stressed and very glad to know they, too, are regularly supported in prayer.

Mothers often meet in their homes on the same day and time each week, those in salaried work may meet to pray with another mum over one lunchtime a week, others meet one hour before their weekly bible study group. Key is making it happen.

Moms in Prayer is interdenominational and so the exciting thing is that this means that many mothers across Europe are connecting from different churches to pray for their children.

This is the story from one of our Archdeaconry reps in the diocese:

The Swiss branch of Moms in Prayer International celebrates 25 years this year; they have over 1400 groups in Switzerland.

One of the big concerns in the Church of England at the moment is our failure to pass on our Christian faith to our children, and the haemorrhaging of young people from our churches. So I was particularly pleased to hear about this fellowship of praying mothers in Switzerland and would love to see groups established in other archdeaconries too.


3 thoughts on “Mothers Praying across Europe

  1. catherine

    beautiful initiative. I have often worried about how the Gospel will be passed on to the next generation. Thank you Lord for this movement and well done to the all the mums who make it happen!!


  2. Gudrun Kaper

    Dear Bishop Dr. Innes,

    thanks a lot!

    Yours Gudrun Kaper from Stuttgart, Germany.

    Founding member of the Anglican-Lutheran-Society 1984. I was an EU teacher in Culham then, and helped with the Lutherans worshipping oin Oxford in both languages.



  3. Karen Ables

    I rejoice in your kind acknowledgement of this effective world-wide ministry. While living in Oxford for 5-6 years, while my husband was working on his doctorate, I became involved with Mums In Prayer Europe. What a joy to be able to join with mums in Oxford and not only pray for our children and the schools there, but host a gathering of mums from all over the U.K. in Regent’s Park College. It was a joyous time of planting seeds in prayer for more mums to join in the future. Your acknowledgement will help to warm mum’s hearts in the U.K. to this effective prayer ministry. Under His Mercy, Karen Ables ( former Area Coordinator for London MIP)


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