Archdeaconry Synod in Warsaw

I return refreshed and renewed, but already much has been happening in the Diocese since my last post back in August.

This month has been a busy one. I started the month by visiting our chaplaincy in Belgrade, progressed to Bordeaux to license a new Chaplain of Aquitaine, over to Italy for the ecumenical Sant Egidio Conference in Assisi, and have just returned from a wonderful meeting of the Eastern Archdeaconry Synod in Warsaw.

Such meetings as these are important times for the Church to come together and reflect on the critical issues which are affecting our diocese and individual churches. They are times of joy in our fellowship, but also serious opportunities to address arising problems on the ground. The Synod in Warsaw was no different, and linked below is my address given to the Synod, reflecting on a few of the issues of which we as a diocese, and the wider Church, must be mindful.

My deepest thanks for the hospitality which I experienced in Warsaw.